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Coverage of the Pop-Up Shop: WEEK FOUR !!



Coverage of the Pop-Up Shop: WEEK THREE!!




Sketchbook Magazine’s Pop-Up Shop is featured in the latest edition of Time Out London magazine as one of the top three fashion events not to be missed this week. It is showcasing the launch of the magazine’s Newburgh Street Pop-Up Shop, which coincides with the launch of the second issue of Sketchbook.

Time Out London have written ‘Fashion illustration mag Sketchbook has popped up in the Newburgh Quarter off Carnaby Street with a series of interactive projects from the title’s trendy family of illustrators, artists, designers and bloggers including Susie Bubble, as well as selling limited edition prints, CDs, art works and one offs’.



Check out the buzz Sketchbook Magazine has been making

Date: September 7th,2009

Cover Girl SUSIE BUBBLE from Style Bubble writes review on Sketchbook Magazine

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Date: October 22, 2009 

Review of Sketchbook as seen on PEREZ HILTON’S Coco Perez blog: We’re Sketchy

Review: This is pretty cool!

We’ve just received a copy of the premier issue of Sketchbook Magazine, a London-based quarterly which aims to shed light on up-and-coming talents in the world of fashion and design worldwide. The magazine is unique, however, in that it is comprised of original Sketchbook drawings and graphics with exclusive interviews and stories.

Their first issue is The Fashion Blogger Issue: “I Blog Therefore I Am,” and in it, they feature yours truly in a six page spread!!

We think this is a really cool concept that they’ve put together, and not just because they made mention of lil’ old Perez. The idea of beautifully drawn sketches combined with interviews and exclusives is really fun and fresh.

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Date: October 23, 2009

Title: Sketchbook Magazine The Blogger Issue as seen on DIANE PERNET’S Blog A Shaded View on Fashion

The London based independent magazine, SKETCHBOOK, showcasing new creative talents in fashion , design and culture around the planet has launched its first edition, The Blogger Issue, “I blog therefore I am”. I just saw it and really enjoyed it even though I over-reacted a bit when I saw the illustration of me, which I thought made me look about 110 years old,. Beyond that outburst of vanity, I am very happy to be a part of this new publication.

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Date: October 25th, 2009

Title: Sketchtastic (As seen on our Fashion Editor’s KRISTIN KNOX’S blog- The Clothes Whisperer)

If Vogue’s November “More Dash than Cash” issue has left your monthly hunkering for fashion editorial somewhat less than satisfied (I do concede, the DIY shoots of rubber gloves and trash bags was fantastic, but the further glorification of “Dash Cash Pin-Ups” including Agy, Alexa and the Geldof girls was hardly inspirational), enter Sketchbook Magazine, a new independent quarterly, to the rescue.

The brainchild of my dear and wildly multi-talented friend, Wafa Al Obaidat,
Sketchbook is a new quarterly magazine that showcases established and emerging creative talents in fashion, design and culture featuring original sketchbook graphics. The juxtaposition of beautiful and quirky illustrations against photography within the features (exclusive interviews, etc), is a truly fresh approach to editorial and brings a touch of the personal back to an increasingly digitally impersonal industry.

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Our first issue is out NOW!

Sketchbook magazine is here! After much anticipation, the London-based independent quarterly magazine showcasing fresh, individual and burgeoning creative talents in fashion, design and culture around the globe celebrates the launch of its first edition: The Fashion Blogger Issue. ‘I blog therefore I am’. In this digital age, fashion blogging has blossomed into a cultural phenomenon and become a way of life for both fashion journalists and fashion fans alike.

You can now purchase parts 1 & 2 of the FASHION BLOGGER ISSUE here:

In an ever changing market of magazine and Internet fashion culture, Sketchbook Magazine brings something a little different. Original Sketchbook drawings and graphics and exclusive interviews celebrating unearthed talent and artists at the forefront of their careers, Sketchbook looks to the creative mind that wants to explore, expand and discover something new from a portfolio of fashion, art and culture.

Here are some excerpts from the first issue:

Interview with cover girl Susie Bubble by MARIAM AL BANNA / Illustrations JUNE CHANPOOMIDOLE

Vogue Diaries Feature by Fashion Editor KRISTIN KNOX / Illustrations JADE CUMMINGS

In the Name of Fashion / Photography ALBERTO NEWTON

Area Dansk / Photography LOUISE DAMGAARD


Notes by Naive / Illustrations FLORA ROGERS


Fashion Toast’s RUMI NEELY / Illustrations CLARE OWEN

A Shaded View on Fashion’s DIANE PERNET / Illustrations ANNIE DRISCOLL

SCOTT SCHUMAN’S The Sartorialist / Illustrations MATILDA HUANG

Thanks for all your support! Hope you enjoy reading your copy.
Best wishes,



The Sketchbook Editors with Garance Dore

GARANCE DORE with editor-in-chief WAFA ALOBAIDAT and features editor LUMA BASHMI



The new Sketchbook cover in process by John Paul Thurlow

Thank You John Paul



With Mary Katrantzou

Editor-in-Chief WAFA ALOBAIDAT catches up with friend and designer MARY KATRANTZOU after her London Fashion Week show