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Sketchbook Studio at Kingly Court: The Finale

The beginning of August has a more bitter sweet feeling than other months. It comes with the realisation that we are near the end of the precious summer and that those warm days we craved for months and enjoyed under the sunshine wearing flip flops in the garden, will soon be over. This particular 1st of August has added to these mixed feelings, a new goodbye:  Sketchbook Live Studio at Kingly Court opened and closed its doors for the last time.

This is the third time that Sketchbook takes its illustrated world out of the pages and screens into the real world, making vivid and touchable the experience one can get when flipping through its pages or reading the blog. The roaring success of the Pop Up Shop at the Newburgh Quarter, was followed by an impressive space in Earl’s Court for the Clothes Show, when Sketchbook artists teamed with Carnaby Street celebrating it’s 50 fashionable years. This last space, at Kingly Court, offered a platform for artists, illustrators, photographers and designers looking to expose promote and propagate their talent. On a space of 10 days , the three floor studio, hosted daily fashion shoots, live wall size illustrations, and the putting together of the much expected third issue of Sketchbook Magazine.


At the day of the final event, the spacious studio turned small under the presence of more than 150 visitors, 2 floors with art being exposed and auctioned, countless boxes of delicious Ben’s Cookies and creativity galore transpiring through every corner of the place. Every piece exhibited participated on a silent auction which profits will be given to the Prince Trust charity.


Everyone was welcomed to come in. Their first encounter was a fox in a feather boa and vintage dress, part of the wonderful wall of Supermarket Sarah, done in collaboration with Vintage Academe. Drinks and cupcakes fuelled the attendance and Holden entertained with live music.  The afternoon flew naturally, like time only goes by when you have fun and feel among family.


Goodie bags by vintage accessories Rokit –what’s an event without goodie bags? - were gifted to collaborators and people who’s fashion for the event constituted on its own, a little work of art.


Back in the day I first met Wafa Alobaidat, editor in chief and creator of Sketchbook magazine, she said “I want Sketchbook to be the place where you can start developing your career, and setting your first steps into the real world; and I don’t want to deny that to anyone”. After a few months of following Sketchbook’s endeavours and seeing all the artists, writers, photographers, interns, illustrators that are passing through its pages, is easy to see how those wonderful intentions have become a reality. And even so this is the end of the summer and it was the end of Kingly Court live studio, it is without a doubt the beginning of something else, something new, something exciting that will come along. How do I know it? Is a certainty that runs in the Sketchbook family. Welcome along. 

Text: Mariana Moyano 

Photos: Courtesy of Wafa Alobaidat & Amy Edgar 



Interviews with Annie Driscoll and Karn Kachiko

Annie Driscoll – Artist-in-residence

What made you want to get involved with Sketchbook Studio?

I’ve been working with Sketchbook Magazine from the start and have always enjoyed the experience. I get on really well with the Sketchbook team and so am always eager to join in with new projects.


What’s the concept behind the piece you’re working on for Sketchbook Studio?

Organic. It’s all about natural shapes and fluid movement. I really enjoy creating pieces with fluid movment.


What to you think of the Sketchbook Studio space?

It’s very good, it needs to be filled a lot more, but it’s very good.

What inspires you?

Music. I just love listening to music. I listen to a certain type of music that really helps to inspire me. And positive feedback. It’s always nice to hear someone likes your work, it makes you feel like you’re really not that bad!

Who are your favourite artists?

I don’t really tend to look at other artists, I try to avoid it so I can avoid copying them. I’m a bit of a loner in that respect. I can look at and admire an artist’s work, but I don’t have a stand-out favourite.



Karn Kachiko – Make-up artist


How did you get involved with Sketchbook Studio?

Through the Fashion Director – Osman. He’s a friend of mine.


What was your inspiration for the look you created today?

My main inspiration for this look was the ‘50s.

How has the day gone so far?

It’s been good, other than me running a bit late, it’s been really good.

How long have you worked as a make-up artist for?

I’ve worked as a make-up artist for 2 years now.


Did you study it, or is it just something you’re passionate about?

I have studied make-up artistry, but I’ve been using make-up since I was 6 years old. I was always going into my mum’s make-up bag and playing around. I guess I always knew I’d go into doing something creative, and something to do with make-up.

Interviews by: NAVNEET GILL


Last event at The Sketchbook Pop Up Shop, chat and interview with blogger SUSIE BUBBLE 



Sketchbook at The Future Gallery!

Sketchbook Magazine has been invited to host a space at The Future Gallery, in Leicester Square, tonight from 7 - 11 pm! This is in collaboration with the live installation of ‘The Live Issue’ - an interactive magazine taking the conventional 2D pages of a magazine and transforming them into 3D.

Sketchbook editor, Wafa, and some of the Sketchbook team will be on-site hosting live interviews with guests and doing live blogging while fashion illustrator, GABRIELA MOT, will be doing live drawings of the guests.

Some of those who will be present include unsung hero PAM HOGG, London-based designer RACHEL FREIRE who presented at On/Off this London Fashion Week and will be collaborating with Izzy Electric on a sound installation. There will also be a preview of GABRIEL GETTMAN’S fashion film in collaboration with, live art from illustrator NIKKI FARQUHARSON and print designer MARIE HILL.

Other things to expect are the interactive advertising room and a Live DJ set from i-D magazine’s music editor, PRINCESS JULIA.