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Bad Taste In Men, Good Taste In Shoes

The captivating lifestyle brand ‘Bad Taste in Men, Good Taste in Shoes’ hosted a dazzling evening of champagne and cupcakes for a buzzing and exclusive crowd of fashionistas, to mark the launch of this new lifestyle brand which, we predict, will soon be a household name. The back-story of the brand, framed on easels like the story board of a Warhol exhibit, stretched down a corridor and led the attention of the attendees towards the champagne lounge of the charming Manchester Bar Epernay. The stylish pictures framed along the walls represented the realisation that Nazanin Maghounaki made two years ago after a particularly poignant break up. The brand for women mixes the feminine liberation she felt at the time with an aspirational yet attainable elegance that infiltrates every product that she has so far produced.

The venue with its glass ceilings and vast lounge area, as you entered, lent a ballet of evening light onto the display of the current ‘Bad Taste in Men…’ stock. The products were surrounded by eager attendees who made their way around the tables and displays, whilst the DJ kept the crowd excited and enthusiastic. Naz took some time out during the Launch Party to talk to us exclusively about where the inspiration for the brand came from and where she hopes it will go in the future. Her 60 second Sketchbook interview went as follows…

How did the brand come about?

About two years ago I broke up with a boy and decided some retail therapy was in order to get over it. As I was picking out a beautiful pair of shoes I came to the realisation that I have a pretty bad taste in men.

It all started from there really and I wanted to create something that would reflect what I hold dear and maintain the quality that I expect from a lifestyle brand. More than that though I wanted to create something that would allow women to share and laugh about their experiences.

Where do you see the brand in 5 years time?

In 5 years I’d like the brand to be recognized globally; In seeing the logo or the name, women would know it’s better to laugh than cry over men. That’s kind of what I want it to inspire women to do, enjoy the good with the bad when it comes to men and be independent. I don’t really see us having our own stores, but working with well known retailers would be incredible. Though I don’t plan to produce shoes as part of the brand, a BTMGTS collaboration with Dune, or KG would be incredible.

And finally, what’s in your sketchbook?

My ideas for what I want to create with ‘Bad Taste…’ next, I’ve got hundreds of things I want to do with the brand and they’re all kept safe in my sketchbook.

Photos: Carl Sukonik

Words: James Greenall